Playground Construction+Engineered Wood Fiber+Safety Inspections (CPSI)

Our Core Products


Quality Play Structure Installations

Primarily serving throughout Central California's San Luis Obispo County & Monterey County.

New installations, Repairs, Consultations.

Park Furnishings Installations. 

CA Lic. #457252 since 1985. B, D28, D34, Insured, DIR registered.  


Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF)

Certified ASTM Compliant Virgin Cedar.

Mixed Fiber coming in 2018 !

"FibreSoft" EWF shipped directly from the Mountains of California.  

Best in the industry for Fall Safety and Cost. Installation available.

Please call for a quote and a copy of our certification.


Playground Safety Audits

Comprehensive Safety Inspections, Audits, Safety Surface HIC Testing, Certificates of Compliance.

CPSI # 14300-0518 for G. Douglas Lapp

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